Chen Wang

Chen Wang  王琛

I am a CIS PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania starting from Fall 2023, advised by Prof. Lingjie Liu and affiliated with the GRASP lab. My research interests are computer graphics and computer vision, with a focus on 3D generative models and neural 3D representaions.

I did my undergraduate and master study in CS at Tsinghua University, working with Prof. Shi-Min Hu and Prof. Song-Hai Zhang.


  • •  (01/2024) Check out my GitHub Repo on a list of papers on "Diffusion Models for 3D Generation".

Selected Publications

* denotes equal contribution

DreamEditor: Text-Driven 3D Scene Editing with Neural Fields

Jingyu Zhuang*, Chen Wang*, Liang Lin, Lingjie Liu, Guanbin Li

SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Papers, 2023

Paper | Project Page | Code

VMesh: Hybrid Volume-Mesh Representation for Efficient View Synthesis

Yuan-Chen Guo, Yan-Pei Cao, Chen Wang, Yu He, Ying Shan, Xiaohu Qie, Song-Hai Zhang

SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Papers, 2023

Paper | Project Page
Digging into Depth Priors for Outdoor Neural Radiance Fields

Chen Wang, Jiadai Sun, Lina Liu, Chenming Wu, Zhelun Shen, Dayan Wu, Yuchao Dai, Liangjun Zhang

ACM International Conference on Multimedia (Oral), 2023

Paper | Project Page | Code
StructNeRF: Neural Radiance Fields for Indoor Scenes with Structural Hints

Zheng Chen, Chen Wang, Yuan-Chen Guo, Song-Hai Zhang

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2023

DeepPortraitDrawing: Generating Human Body Images from Freehand Sketches

Chen Wang*, Xian Wu*, Hongbo Fu, Ariel Shamir, Song-Hai Zhang

Computer & Graphics (CAD/Graphics Oral), 2023

NeRF-SR: High-Quality Neural Radiance Fields using Super-sampling

Chen Wang, Xian Wu, Yuan-Chen Guo, Song-Hai Zhang, Yu-Wing Tai, Shi-Min Hu

ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2022

Paper | Project Page | Code
On Rotation Gains Within and Beyond Perceptual Limitations for Seated VR

Chen Wang, Song-Hai Zhang, Yi-Zhuo Zhang, Stefanie Zollmann, Shi-Min Hu

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2022


  • Reviewer: CVPR, ECCV, ICLR, MM, PG, WACV

Honors and Awards

  • 2022 National Scholarship
  • 2022 Siebel Scholarship